Acronyms For Gift Planning

ACGA                         American Council on Gift Annuities

AFR                            Applicable Federal Rate (See CFMR)

AGI                             Adjusted Gross Income

AMT                           Alternative Minimum Tax

ATRA                         American Tax Relief Act (2012)

BS                              Bargain Sale

CFMR                        Charitable Federal Mid-term Rate (See AFR)

CGA                           Charitable Gift Annuity

CLAT                         Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

CLUT                         Charitable Lead Unitrust

CLT                            Charitable Lead Trust

CPI                            Consumer Price Index

CRT                           Charitable Remainder Trust

CRAT                         Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

CRUT                         Charitable Remainder Unitrust

DAF                           Donor Advised Fund

EGTRRA                    Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act (2001)

ERTA                         Economic Recovery Tax Act   (1981)

ERISA                        Employee Retirement Income Security Act  (1974)

FF (PFF)                     Family Foundation (Private Family Foundation)

FMV                           Fair Market Value

FLP                             Family Limited Partnership

GI                                Gross Income

HNW                           High Net Worth individuals

IRD                             Income In Respect of Decedent

IRC                              Internal Revenue Coad

IRA                              Individual Retirement Account

IRS                              Internal Revenue Service

LIG                               Life Income Gift

LIP                               Life Income Plan

LLP                              Limited Liability Partnership

LP                                Limited Partnership

LOI                               Letter of Intent

LTC                              Long Term Care Insurance

LTCG                            Long Term Capital Gains

LTCI                              Long Term Care Insurance

MOU                            Memo of Understanding

NICRUT                       Net Income Charitable Remainder Unitrust

NIMCRUT                    Net Income with Makeup Chartable Remainder Unitrust

NPV                             Net Present Value

NUA                             Net Unrealized Appreciation

QCC                             Qualified Conservation Contribution

P/E                              Price to Earnings Ration

Pease                          Limitations on itemized deductions

PEP                              Personal Exception Phase-out

PFF (FF)                       Private Family Foundation (Family Foundation)

PIF                               Pooled Income Fund

PLR                              Private Letter Ruling

REIT                             Real Estate Investment Trust

RLE                              Retained Life Estate

RMD                            Required Minimum Distribution

SIG (S-IG)                    Split-interest Gift

STCG                           Short Term Capital Gain

O + F + L = B              Older, fewer, lower – Bigger (OFLB)

Y + M + H = S             Younger, more, higher = smaller (YMHS)

UBI                               Unrelated Business Income

UBIT                             Unrelated Business Income Tax

UBTI                             Unrelated Business Taxable Income

UHNW                          Ultra High Net Worth individuals

Form 990                    IRS Return of Organizations Exempt from Income

Form 1040                  Individual Income Tax Return