Interviews With Experts

Short recorded calls with experts. Ours is such an experience-driven industry. This growing collection of features short, friendly audio interviews with major gift officers and experts who share their stories, insights, and personal philosophies. Each audio interview page includes a short written description that highlights the main topics discussed.

Now available as part of the Philanthropy Works Podcast!

What does it take to be the best? In this short call we explore the top three attributes of the most effective major and principal gift officers. More>

Andrew walks us step-by-step through a qualifying visit including what it is, why it's important, what we're hoping to discover. More>

In this podcast, we talk about ways that you can incorporate a planned giving conversation into a visit with any donor. More>

Tom Mesaros, the president and CEO of the Alford Group, talks about how nonprofits can continue to thrive in an environment of shrinking resources and increased competition. More>

Gail Perry is a nationally recognized fundraising guru. In this call, she takes us step by step through how to make a major gift call. More>

Cecilia Hogan has been leading the prospect research effort at the University of Puget Sound for 20 years. Listen to her speak about prospect research and how smaller organizations can incorporate a little bit of research into their fundraising program to maximize their major gifts. More>

Learn how a policy of transparency is revolutionizing the way donors relate to nonprofits More>

Portrait of Sarah Hopper

This 22 minute interview covers trends among philanthropic families and what nonprofits should do to engage them. More>