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As more and more of our major donors use Donor Advised Funds, it's our responsibility to have a confident understanding of this important tool. More>

When we talk about an estate commitment from a donor, most of the time we describe it as their ultimate gift. The implication, of course, is that it is their last gift. But why should it be? More>

Founder Laird Yock shares about the value of being at the table as donors consider their philanthropy. More>

To our community of members and friends: Thank you. We've learned a lot from you in the last year. More>

As we face the recurring challenges of fundraising, let's step back and look at the true potential of what we do. If we adapt the way we think, we have heightened and sustained success, and truly love our jobs more in the process. More>

As your donors scramble to get everything done before the end of the year, it's good to know exactly when and how their gifts needs to be in the door to count for 2014. More>

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Check out three more noteworthy items from a recent study offering valuable insight into how high net worth people think about their finances and their philanthropy. More>

This annual survey from US Trust explores wealth management challenges confronting high new worth and ultra-high net worth individuals in the United States.   More>

“Do we live for philanthropy, or do we live off of philanthropy? Do you have an occupation in philanthropy or do you pursue a passion for philanthropy?” More>

She had done her homework. She had studied the donor prospect, and had observed that he was a visual learner, that he was assertive, and that he expected the best. The MGO addressed all three of those characteristics without saying a word. More>