People Are Saying

I found Philanthropy Works through CFRE's approved provider list. To qualify to take the exam, I need some continuing education hours. (I have plenty of experience but not hours!) I was seeking courses I could complete at my own pace and in my own space because I live in the middle of nowhere. Getting to conferences is an expensive hassle. Conferences and some webinars use one-way communication which is not the best model for deep learning. Also, I was seeking to learn more about major gifts, a necessary component of any advancement office.

Philanthropy Works met all my needs teaching me ways to give I had never heard of, nuances about interactions with donors, detail about tax implications and timing, and, most importantly, the ethical approach working to balance donor and organizational needs.  Thank you for developing a rich set of concise information and valuable tips I can immediately use.

Kelly Hall, PhD, Frostburg State University

Philanthropy Works has been an asset to our organization as we look to deepen our expertise in gift planning and create lasting relationships with our donors. The Courses and the Gift Planning Field Guide have been helpful in breaking down complex concepts into ideas that we can integrate into conversations with our supporters.

Mairead Shutt, IslandWood

Fundraisers need to be knowlegable and confident so they can help their donors make the best gifts - gifts that match both their passions and the practicalities of their lives.

Laird Yock, Philanthropy Works Director of Content

Philanthropy Works offers the kind of practical, time-tested and reliable information the fundraising profession has sorely needed. It is a unique resource for both the seasoned practitioner and those new to development.

John Scibek, Senior Director Planned Giving, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Philanthropy Works is a great “just in time” resource.  I find myself searching for tidbits of information as questions arise in working with donors. It’s easy to navigate and understand, and I believe the information I find there.

Shaine Schramling, Kitsap Community Foundation

Philanthropy Works is a valuable resource for my nonprofit management students.  The exercises on major gift and planned giving have been thought-provoking and important in taking their understanding of fundraising practices to the next level.  This platform is one that will benefit fundraisers looking to hone their skills as well as students seeking to understand the importance of stewardship and donor cultivation.

Richard Waters, Assistant Professor Nonprofit Administration, University of San Francisco

Once I learned that the donor was considering starting a private foundation, I presented him with the DAF vs. Foundation comparison sheet from Philanthropy Works. Over the course of a year and half we discussed the document and the implications of his impending decision several times without him ever really telling me which way he was leaning. Then, at one of our visits he told me that he and his wife were starting a DAF and he said, 'I really appreciate the guidance you provided us.' His willingness to share his thoughts on their philanthropy has grown by a magnitude over the last few years, and I'm certain that building my credibility with the DAF vs. Foundation discussion was a key component of that progression.

Nat Chamberlin, Major Gift Officer, Colby College