Summer is for Planning

Use the Slow Time to Your Advantage

Are your top 6 - 10 donor prospect strategies up to date and on track?

As we all know, summer isn’t the most productive time to make donor visits. But, it's a great time to be creative and get organized. 

  • Take time to reconsider your strategies with your donors, at least your top priority donors. Are they current and as effective as possible?
  • Have you analyzed the prospect research report - is it current?
  • Do you have the right people engaged to assist you?
  • Is your next interaction the best you can plan?
  • Are you on track to determine: the right project, the right size, the right time and what assets they might use to fund the gift?

Spend 10 minutes/day brushing up 

A little bit of practice on a regular basis will make a difference. Look around, find something to review or learn.  

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