Who Will Solve Our Problems?

A recent study asked high net worth individuals to list the groups they had confidence in to solve societal or global problems.

Here are the results:


39.6% (high confidence); 50% (some confidence)

Nonprofit Organizations 

29.2% (high confidence); 61.6% (some confidence)

Religious Institutions 

21.4% (high confidence); 52.5% (some confidence)

Small to Mid-Sized Business

11.3% (high confidence); 52.6% (some confidence)

Federal or Executive branch

9.3% (high confidence); 47% (Some confidence)

Large Corporations

9.0% (high confidence); 54.6% (Some confidence)

State or local government

3.6% (high confidence); 54% (Some confidence)


1.2% (high confidence); 24.1% (some confidence)


* From the 2012 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy