With Whom Did They Consult?

In 2011, 39.9% of high net worth donors consulted with a professional before making a charitable giving decision.  

They were asked: "Have you received the following services or advice related to your charitable giving by these types of advisors?" (Check all that apply)

Accountant - 53.4%

Independent Financial/Wealth Advisor - 36.9%

Nonprofit Personnel - 33%

Attorney - 30%

Community Foundation Staff - 23%

Peers or Peer Networks - 19.8%

Other - 10.8%

Bank or Trust Company Staff - 8.8%

From the 2012 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Donors

What Can We Take Away From This? 

It's striking that nonprofit professionals are the 3rd highest (and a close third at that) source of information and advice for people of high net worth who are looking for help with their charitable giving. That is a position of significant influence. 

But keep in mind that we are only one of several sources, so in order to be credible we need to have awareness of the various issues donors are considering when they make a major gift. In other words, we need to know what we're talking about.