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Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. More>

Stewardship is more than simply thanking donors for their gifts; it’s a philosophy grounded in the desire to treat donors as partners in your work. So what are the essential elements of authentic stewardship? More>

“Dreams I have come to believe are almost always partnerships ... More>

President Obama’s plan to allow donors to deduct up to 35 percent of their charitable donations may look like an early Christmas gift to nonprofits More>

Gift officers are not Boy Scouts, but the Scouts' motto of Be Prepared fits well in the realm of the gift officer. Below, please find what we're calling guidelines but could just as well be called strategies— tactics for developing a successful gift officer modus operandi. More>

What Is a Contact Report? Just what it sounds like: a record of your “contact” with a donor. Having a contact report system in place lets you track a person’s relationship with your organization seamlessly over a long period of time. More>