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When choosing between a Roth and standard IRA, it's important to understand the key differences between them. But let's start by looking at characteristics they share: More>

WHAT IT IS: A Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP) is a type of Credit Shelter Trust.
WHO IT'S FOR: A QTIP is used by couples who have taxable estates. In function, it's a marital deduction trust that limits the surviving spouse's access to and control of the trust property. More>

WHAT IT IS: Opportunity cost is a calculation that captures both:
The price paid for an activity or object, and
The value of alternative uses of the time and/or money involved. More>

Probate is the process by which an estate is administered and settled. Rules regarding the settling of an estate vary from state to state, but the process in general is as follows: More>

If someone has created a Crummey Trust you can be quite certain they're doing so in part to limit their estate tax liability.
A Crummey Trust is ideal for parents or grandparents who have some combination of the following factors: More>

"Do you know how much it will truly cost you to make a gift?" By posing this question to prospective donors, you can raise their interest in the topic of the after-tax cost of a g More>

Almost everything you own and use for personal purposes, pleasure or investment is a capital asset. When you sell a capital asset, the difference between the amount you sell it for and your basis--what you paid for it--is a capital gain or capital loss. More>

Most donors don't naturally think of life insurance as an asset they may be able to give to your organization. Don't shy away from it--bringing up the subject of life insurance doesn't require you to be an expert on the topic. More>

Do you know what to do if someone wants to make a gift of real estate to your organization? Check out the GPFG to learn more about this great opportunity for many donors and nonprofits. More>