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From the gift officer's perspective, the circumstances surrounding Phillip Seymour Hoffman's will offer a good chance to revisit our Don’t Assume Anything policy. More>

In order to have an initial conversation with a potential benefactor about an RLE, you need to remember these things: More>

It's an unfortunate fact that many (most?) of the charitable donors out there do not have a current estate plan. Sad, but true. At the same time, a gift through a donor's estate is the most logical and frequent source of major gifts. More>

What's so great about the Roth IRA, and why does congress continue to support it, even though it means an ultimate loss in tax income for the government? More>

In today's competitive climate for philanthropic dollars, gift planning knowledge is an essential tool for success. More>

When working with a donor on a proposed gift of real estate to your organization, you need to gather some key details early in the process. Read about the top 5 things to cover in your first contact about a potential real estate gift. More>

You don't have to be an expert in creative gift planning to be of great value to your donors and your organization. Know when to call in your colleague or advisor from gift planning. More>

It’s been said that all good things must come to an end, and by all indications that is true for the “IRA Charitable Rollover." More>

How can Cathy make a gift through her estate plan that will take care of living relatives AND provide a significant gift for the Symphony? More>

Which of the following might be good reasons for a donor to use an asset to make a major gift to your organization?   More>