Drinking on a Donor Visit

Some Thoughts on Alcohol

Drinking on a social donor visit can certainly be appropriate if done well. Drinking to excess is never a good idea, obviously. Your organization may have a policy about drinking which can give you specific guidance.

In any case, here are some Miss Manners-style tips to keep you straight: 

  • Hold a tumbler glass by the stem near the bottom, a small stem glass by the stem and large goblets at the bottom of the bowl
  • Hold a wine glass by the stem not the bowl. Anything else is improper and frowned upon.
  • A wine glass should not be more than half full.
  • A waiter will not add wine to a glass that is not empty; a host should follow the same protocol. By not emptying your glass you’ve managed to measure your intake without having to say a word. 

We'll be exploring all the practical do's and dont's of a donor visit in our upcoming guided learning course, The Donor Visit