How to Make a Major Gift Visit with Gail Perry

Gail Perry is a nationally recognized fundraising guru. She is a prolific blogger, consultant, coach, and keynote speaker. 

In this call, she takes us step by step through how to make a major gift visit.

Here's a cheat sheet if you want to skip around

Getting in the door. Gail shared some words and phrases to help get the appointment. - 3:30 

Getting past the gatekeeper. - 6:11 

The advice visit. Gail's favorite way to get in the door. - 8:28 

What NOT to say to get the visit. - 11:20 

Gail talks about the kiss of death when on a major gifts visit. - 14:40 

Gail tells a great story about how she engaged someone and closed a gift by asking advice. - 17:00

Your primary objectives when you make a major gifts call. - 19:45 

An amazing true story of how a major gift call went terribly wrong. - 24:42 

Gail's Ten Tips - 27:00 

    1. Charm the receptionist.
    2. Make immediate small talk. 
    3. Get the prospect talking.
    4. Follow social customs and rules of business etiquette.
    5. Focus on the other person.
    6. Number one question: "What are your impressions of ...?"
    7. Show up as a likeable person.
    8. Watch their body language.
    9. Never use PowerPoint.
    10. Get out the door and get out on time.

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