Stand Out From the Competition

There are lots of nonprofits in the US, and more all the time.

For every major donor prospect you are calling on there are likely 8 – 10 other organizations also considering that person as a major donor prospect.  

What are you bringing to your donors that differentiates you from others?  

Here are a few things that will help you reach the head of the line:

  1. Be honest, trustworthy and credible.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare – get yourself into a position of relaxed confidence. Tina Fey has told us that this is the state of mind that allows you to do your best work.
  3. Ask the question, in your own voice, “Will you be disposing of any assets in the near future.” (This can start a conversation about an asset-based gift which will very often be much better for the donor and your organization).
  4. Agree to a contract (terms of the meeting) prior to or immediately into your meeting: state purpose of your meeting and confirm the allowable time frame and other logistics. 
  5. Never assume the person you are meeting with has a good grasp of the priorities of your organization and/or all the creative tools available for tax advantaged giving.
  6. Practice appropriate etiquette.

Stir in some passion and creativity and you are sure to stand out.