I know I'm good when ...

I know I’m a good major gift officer when _____________.

Named one of the top 50 Leadership Coaches in America, Dr. Barry Posner is the Accoiti Professor of Leadership at Santa Clara University. He recently gave a Ted Talk called I can make a difference, but I can’t do it alone.

He examines how to finish the sentence “I know I’m a good leader when __________,” and posits that the ideal way to complete it is with "I have followers." Followers will join you only when you have a relationship with them, he notes. And that's where things strike a close parallel with fundraising.  

Listening to Dr. Posner, it gradually became clear that when he used the term leader, it could very often accurately be replaced by major gift officer.  

Leadership Through Building Relationships

When you demonstrate your vision and passion for your organization's mission not only with donors, but with your colleagues inside and outside of your organization, you will truly make a difference. Others will join with you, collaborate with you, and work with you to build relationships that make a lasting impact. 

Dr. Posner's Ted Talk can be found here. At 13 minutes, it offers a great opportunity to contemplate the connection between leadership and major giving.