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Cecilia Hogan has been leading the prospect research effort at the University of Puget Sound for 20 years. Listen to her speak about prospect research and how smaller organizations can incorporate a little bit of research into their fundraising program to maximize their major gifts. More>

Are you asking big enough questions? Have you heard the following from any of your donors or prospects recently? More>

A recent poll asked people with wealth to rank seven items in order of importance. The question was: “What would you MOST like your heirs to inherit from you?” More>

Tom was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business... More>

Gift agreements should be a critical part of your major gifts program. They prevent misunderstandings and are a wonderful way to show your donor how important they are to your organization. More>

At PW, we feel that any gift that reaches the level of major gift status at your charity should require a gift agreement. Yes, even if it is a gift to the annual fund. More>

Any gift that reaches the minimum level of a ‘major gift’ as defined by your organization deserves to have a gift agreement completed and signed. More>

Here's an idea. Let's give poor people money. No seriously. Lets just give them cash. No programs. No caveats. More>

The Question: When a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is established, what are the critical factors in calculating the annuity payment? More>