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Wondering how to approach that first visit to a major gift prospect? Mayo Clinic Development Officer Patrick Steward offers his top three goals for a first visit to a potential benefactor. More>

A donor wants to make a $20,000 outright gift to your organization. What's the difference to his bottom line if he: 1) writes a check for $20,000, or 2) gifts the stock, or 3) sells the stock and gifts the proceeds? More>

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is one of the fastest-growing options in philanthropy, and there are good reasons why. In fact, DAFs have surged ahead of private Family Foundations in terms of popularity. More>

Gift officers are not Boy Scouts, but the Scouts' motto of Be Prepared fits well in the realm of the gift officer. Below, please find what we're calling guidelines but could just as well be called strategies— tactics for developing a successful gift officer modus operandi. More>

Most donors don't naturally think of life insurance as an asset they may be able to give to your organization. Don't shy away from it--bringing up the subject of life insurance doesn't require you to be an expert on the topic. More>

All the acronyms you need to know in one place! More>

Understanding the ins and outs of the gift vehicles available to you and your donors is incredibly valuable to your work as a gift officer. More>

Want to help your donors make bigger and better gifts? Say hello to your new friend. The Gift Planning Field Guide answers your gift planning questions in friendly, up-to-date language. More>

The process of accepting any noncash gift involves a number of details and support functions.  More>

So many of us have not yet reached the time in life when we concentrate on our own estate plans. More>