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A DPCGA offers potentially significant tax benefits to the donor, so the smart move is to make sure the donor's aware of it. More>

Most often, benefactors under the age of 70 will choose a charitable trust instead of a CGA. But every situation is unique. More>

There are a number of considerations that must be clarified and understood up-front by all parties involved. In terms of defining the specifics, here's what you need to know. More>

Ideal assets for a benefactor to use to fund a CGA with your organization. More>

Oh goodie—tax issues! Yay! More>

Put simply, a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a great way for an older donor to accomplish these 5 goals. More>

Once you're in conversation about CGAs, there are several considerations you need to have in mind as you go forward in your communications. More>

What Is a Contact Report? Just what it sounds like: a record of your “contact” with a donor. Having a contact report system in place lets you track a person’s relationship with your organization seamlessly over a long period of time. More>