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All life-income gifts share a set of key characteristics. Which of the following are true? More>

TRUE or FALSE: It is possible for your organization to receive a testamentary gift even if the donor does not have a will. More>

We frequently have the opportunity to consider an offer of gifts of tangible personal property (TPP) to our organizations. What is the key caveat? More>

The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has announced publicly that he has terminal colon cancer and plans to give his fortune to charity. More>

Do you know what a codicil is and how it works? A codicil is a supplement that explains or modifies a will, or revokes part of one. More>

Paul Sullivan's recent article in the NYT, A Public Debate of the Wisdom of Gandolfini’s Will, is of interest to those of us who want to understand the basics of estate planning. More>

Observations and Conclusions about Challenge and Matching Grants. More>

Engaging people in the life and mission of your organization is a fascinating challenge. Know the right questions to ask, and know how to listen. More>

OUR dog Lucy died this week, and it got me thinking about the role she played in making both my wife and me more charitable. More>

How do you define sustainability? Reliable and repeatable revenue that covers the full cost of your enterprise and aligns with your mission. More>