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Quite likely, the largest gifts ever received by your organizations will be made via an estate. As such, it seems only logical that we, as nonprofit representatives, understand the process. More>

When we talk about an estate commitment from a donor, most of the time we describe it as their ultimate gift. The implication, of course, is that it is their last gift. But why should it be? More>

Founder Laird Yock shares about the value of being at the table as donors consider their philanthropy. More>

A look at the finer points of when and why and how to start the conversation about estate planning with your donors. More>

To our community of members and friends: Thank you. We've learned a lot from you in the last year. More>

As we face the recurring challenges of fundraising, let's step back and look at the true potential of what we do. If we adapt the way we think, we have heightened and sustained success, and truly love our jobs more in the process. More>

When it comes to helping donors determine the best assets from which to make a generous gift to your organization, life insurance can be a great choice. This course reviews the ins and outs of how life insurance makes a great gift source for donors of all ages. More>

If there was ever a year when your organization should be receiving gifts of securities, this is it. More>

A collection of screenshots help explain how to navigate the Courses section. More>

When you meet with a prospective donor, asking about their life insurance policy (or policies) is well worth your while. But how should you ask them and what, specifically, are the questions you should ask? More>