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Since 95% of wealth is held in assets other than cash, gift planning skills are the best ways for you to increase your versatility as a fundraiser and raise more money for your organization. More>

Raise more money, build longer lasting relationships with your donors and love your job more. More>

Life insurance has long been and continues to be a source of great charitable gifts. Why don't donors make gifts of their life insurance policies more frequently? More>

Let's take a look at nine things that are essential for fundraisers to know about gifts of life insurance policies. More>

As your donors scramble to get everything done before the end of the year, it's good to know exactly when and how their gifts needs to be in the door to count for 2014. More>

Check out the ACGA website and get familiar with who they are and what they do. More>

This course goes over Charitable Gift Annuities. You will learn when they make good gifts and how to accept them. More>

This course reviews gifts of Retirement Plans. You will learn when they make good gifts and how to accept them. More>

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Check out three more noteworthy items from a recent study offering valuable insight into how high net worth people think about their finances and their philanthropy. More>


When you enter into discussion with a donor prospect about CGAs, have these six considerations in mind. More>