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A piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy serves as a useful reminder of the need to mention appreciated securities (both stocks and mutual funds) to our donors. More>

Recent years have seen stocks enjoy a wonderful run-up in value, with most markets reaching all-time highs. But what are the implications of that success for us as nonprofits and fundraisers? More>

What Matters? Everything. Take this core principle behind the success of Starbucks and apply it to your work. More>

From the gift officer's perspective, the circumstances surrounding Phillip Seymour Hoffman's will offer a good chance to revisit our Don’t Assume Anything policy. More>

"The oldest of America’s 72 million baby boomers are turning 68 this year, the average age at which individuals create charitable remainder trusts. That's likely to produce a surge in such trusts in the next 20 years." More>

Cynthia is the Executive Director for Mission Advancement at the Evangelical Covenant Church, were she has served as the chief development officer since 2011. For the past 32 years, Cindy has worked in fund development for nonprofit organizations in a variety of field and leadership positions where she has gained extensive experience in comprehensive program management and major and planned gift development. More>

As we all know, summer isn’t the most productive time to make donor visits. But, it's a great time to be creative and get organized. More>

In order to have an initial conversation with a potential benefactor about an RLE, you need to remember these things: More>

Listening is an Art. The practice of active listening can help us communicate better--both with our donors and our friends and families. More>

Don’t be late! Turn off your phone! Let's take a quick look at four habits of successful gift officers when meeting with donors and prospects. More>