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It’s not how donors give that is important. what’s important is that they give; so why do we artificially separate the tasks of major gift officers and planned giving officers? More>

Imagine that you are engaged in an important conversation with a potential donor - and a family member calls your cell phone. What do you do? More>

Before making a big ask, how certain are you that this is the right project, amount, and time to make this request of this particular prospect? More>

At her recent meeting with Roger, Jenna asked him to consider joining other key supporters and to increase his giving to $10,000. We unpack how Jenna should respond. More>

Let’s briefly delve into what your organization means when they tell you it is your responsibility to build relationships. More>

You can assume your donor is wondering all these things, whether they ask directly or not. More>

When you demonstrate your vision and passion for your organization's mission you will truly make a difference. More>

Once you have qualified a potential major donor prospect,
How long does it take before they make a major gift?
How many meetings or moves do you need to close the gift? More>

Let's take a look at 10 things that are important to understand when you sit down with a donor prospect to discuss making a gift via estate plan. More>

Let's examine the questions you need to have handy when you sit down with a donor prospect to discuss the possibility of making a gift via their estate plan. More>